With this new website comes a new LaserAllTheThings! Signage will always be my bread and butter! It's my passion and I love producing it for you all! But this website is going to be focusing less on the signage and more on other Things!

Over the next year or so I'm going to be developing lines of products for specific small business industries here in Canada such as artists, beauticians, body modification artists, crafters, textile artists, restaurant or café owners, etc! I am quite excited to start rolling these out and getting them into your hands.

Since these products will need to be developed before I can release them, I will be releasing each Thing in one of three stages:

-"Alpha Things" are product concepts that haven't been physically made yet, but I have the idea and just need someone to purchase one, so I can make the first initial Alpha version. This initial product development stage takes time and so the cost of these alpha units will be higher, but in exchange you get the first unit!

-"Beta Things" are products I have had a chance to produce a couple real world versions and are then publicly listed, and the cost is reduced now that the bulk of the trial and error is done. These are purchased with the understanding that most of the kinks have been worked out, but you may run into occasional hiccups.

-"Omega Things" are the things that I have made a fair number of, and I have worked out all the issues!

This online store is specifically just to order things that are not signage related! It's going to be a bit of a smaller site for a while as I slowly add Things to it!


Thanks for joining Along on this journey!